Just Like ‘Butta’

Nine days short of a year ago, I read Eat, Pray, Love and lost my mind in the middle of the night. I peeled wall paper, tore up linoleum and scratched at the paint – oh so very The Yellow Wallpaper. I really just needed to put my energy into something physical and I had been wanting that wallpaper off since we moved in.

After I regained consciousness, I assessed the damages and set to work. Of course this was in between Autumn needing or wanting any and everything under the freakin’ sun or rain cloud – whatever the weather. Have I said, that four is the hardest year by FAR – although we’re beginning to see the light of five!

That being the case, six months later (and Autumn four hours away at grandma’s) I finished the tile! Whew!

Then slowly I stripped more wallpaper, filled giant holes (nothing like removing wallpaper to find a eight by eight inch hole in the wall! And finally, finally today, I finished! The walls are a buttery yellow-gold. All signs of beige are gone! The tile is white, (not really the smartest color with a youngin’ – but it was only $15.00 for the entire floor) the rug I’ve been using is a greenish blue.

I tried to use paint I already had, same shower curtain, the tile and (my favorite piece) the light fixture are from Second Use (a recycling store for building materials.) I also used Don’s grandma’s pictures. And I found this powder box, the same kind my great-grandma always used – the moment I opened it, I was transported to her house. I mostly wanted this space, like all of our spaces, to be personal. Even if I get a bunch of guff from those who think my sentimentality gets in the way of a clutter-free house.

I wanted it to be a bit old-fashioned but certainly not kitsch. I wanted to stay away from the typical Pottery Barn decor that seems to be rampant, (although there is a tad bit of Ikea in there) besides we have a mid-century modern house and furnishings anyway. Although this is mostly by default due to hand-me-downs from relatives. But we also like it. I just wanted the bathroom to fit in. Jeez, it sounds like I really thought about all this when in all reality, it just happened because these are things we already had.

Anyway, it probably doesn’t look that totally different, but it feels fresher and more us. We always had the feeling we were walking into a hotel bathroom with the gold, striped wallpaper. Now we feel more at home – which is important when you need to take a pee or…

Viola! – It only took a year.

Ah, the smell of my lil’ ol’ crazy Mawma.

Don’s grandma Tootie’s pictures – I guess it is a bit of a granny bathroom. You would never know a pack of rebels live here.

My favorite find – thank you Second Use for existing (it was $12.00.)


(Day 19 – A-Thing-A-Day or Year)


3 Responses to “Just Like ‘Butta’”

  1. oooh – it looks fabulous! I love fresh bathrooms. nice.

  2. mushroommoon Says:

    I looooove the buttery yellow walls.

  3. […] habit of using it to work on our house (that recently feels like it’s crumbling around us.)  Last year I partially remodeled the bathroom. This year I’m painting.  I love white walls but I want to try to strike out a little bit […]

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