Introducing: The Tooth Fairy

Today as Autumn was eating dinner, she started to whine and I immediately thought it was because she thought something was too hot and I KNEW nothing was too hot but she constantly whines about things being too hot even when they’re just out of the ice box. But she kept whining, so I took a look at what she was pointing at and there was her perfect little, first baby tooth, coming loose.

I thought something was wrong, that she had bumped it and I felt a little panicky and then I started to count in my head and realized. Shit, she’s almost five. Of course she’s losing her teeth. I told her about how she’s going to start losing her teeth, what a screwed up thing to have to explain to your kid. (Your teeth are all going to fall out of your head and you’ll grow new ones.) It freaked me out explaining it to her. I was not prepared for this in the least. This is officially BIG KID stuff.

It drove her crazy all night as she moved it around with her tongue. She even asked me if I could pull it out and if that would hurt. Then, while she was brushing her teeth for bed, it fell out. She wasn’t freaked out at all, even with the blood running down her chin. All I could think about was how hard it was to grow these first teeth in – all the sleepless nights and crying jags. Just to have them fall out!

I told her that if she put it under her pillow that she would have a surprise in the morning. She put it in one of her nesting dolls and then went to bed. Then added; “I want a candy surprise.” NO KIDDING!


4 Responses to “Introducing: The Tooth Fairy”

  1. my almost 5 year old lost his first tooth a few weeks ago. it was a bit freaky as well. they grow up so quickly, don’t they?

  2. it’s just too soon. How can she be old enough to lose a tooth? Can’t wait to see what the tooth fairy brings her. This ought to be good.

  3. How did she get so big so fast? I hope the tooth fairy brought her a sweet surprise!

  4. isn’t it an exciting milestone! I was so excited when my kids started losing teeth.

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