Once again, waiting.

Today Barack Obama shook my hand.

On his arrival at Key Arena, he stopped outside and spoke with us. The bus I tried to catch to get to the speech was so packed they wouldn’t let me on. I ended up driving and I was too late to get in the doors. But…getting to meet him face to face was worth standing in the cold to hear his speech. What a presence he has.

Coming to greet us

One of my favorite lines was when he spoke about election day and that no matter what George W. Bush and Dick Chaney will not be on the ballet. I’m not religious and I wanted to scream HALLELUJAH!

Apparently I have a politician magnet in my pocket – they keep popping up right in front of me

His voice and tempo are the perfect combination for public speaking. I was often choked up – so moving. So much history being made. He touched on all the same issues as Hillary the night before and their plans are nearly identical. Here’s to hoping whomever gets the nomination, asks the other to run with them.

Speaking to the crowd

It’s funny. I usually feel like I have NO ONE to vote for at elections. This time my difficulty isn’t deciding between the lesser of two evils but the better of two solid democratic candidates.

I’m being open. I’m listening. I’m weighing. I’m measuring. I’m biting my nails. I’m not however going to go hear McCain speak.

Caucus. Tomorrow.

Once again counting this as Day 8 – A-Thing-A-Day: MAKING CHANGE! – Day 2


5 Responses to “Barack”

  1. thefamilyguy Says:

    You are being open, but you will not listen to a candidate who has different views? I’m not sure that I get that one.

  2. I’ve listed to him speak on the radio and I don’t agree with him on enough issues – assuming your speaking about McCain. Also, I feel like I’ve heard enough from that side for a long while. So, true, I’m being open to the two democratic front runners.

  3. thanks for posting about these. i feel the same as you. i’m so thrilled about both of them. i’m living overseas, but i did receive an early ballot for voting for the primaries and in the end i did have to choose one over the other. it wasn’t easy, but i feel good about my choice. wooooooo!hooooooooo!

  4. You know what is so funny i did yell “HALLELUJAH!” Are we family or what?

  5. holy crap sandwich! great magnet to have right now. you’ve been graced with history and you have it all on camera!

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