Haircut Schmarecut, Has Anyone Seen the Poles?

Day 4 – A-Thing-A-Day

I cut my hair the other day and then I cut it again and then I cut it again. Why do I think that when someone else cuts it that it is even but when I do it that my entire head is leaning to one side – um, duh, because it’s true. Do you know how hard it is to cut the hair on the back of your own head without a second mirror? I’m not showing the back – yikes!

Tonight I cut it again – but I’m seriously done this time! Yeah, right.

See where crafting and thrift has gotten me (I guess cutting your hair isn’t crafting though.) I mean, I’m seriously posting pictures of my freakin’ hair instead of witty self-deprecating banter on parenting and politics.


6 Responses to “Haircut Schmarecut, Has Anyone Seen the Poles?”

  1. 1. cutting your own hair is very hard and very creative. and also a pain in the ass. i didn’t start cutting mine until i worked at the salon so you’re brave.

    2. do not touch it! for one thing, it looks even, and secondly, i love the wisps at the bottom of the back. the back looks great. it is a cute cut, but let it grow out a few inches and i will texture that thing if you want me to!

  2. michelle! it’s so freaking cue!

  3. ooh – totally cute. lucky you though to have curly hair. I have straight hair where you can see every fuck up – and since I now cut my own hair all the frickin’ time (except for the last time – but it will be the last time for a while) – I don’t even look at the back… it’s too scary!

  4. Leave yourself be; you have nothing to prove, you are.

  5. Oh God, I’m not trying to prove anthing, at least with my hair anyway, I just needed a haircut.

  6. I think your haicut represents all things self-deprecating, parental and political and I say”Jolyy good to you MS Taylor”!
    By the way-Hey Mom, project much?!

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