Stripes, Polka-Dots, Potato Heads

Day 3 – A-Thing-A-Day

I’ve been needing a new messenger type back because the pockets in mine are ripping out. I thought, hey I can make one of these with pockets I actually like. So, I finally did it. It took about two hours but should have taken longer since I should have made the pockets with a double layer of fabric and more sturdy. I mean, I need to put everything in this thing, including Autumn’s entire lunch. Anyway, I really like the bag but it’s not sturdy enough for what I need. Maybe somebody I love who doesn’t need to fit a small town in their bag will get it as a gift instead. All the materials I used, I already had. The outside is a felted sweater and the inside is some old fabric I had hanging around.

And Autumn made some trick-or-treating potato heads.

When she called me over to look at her creations, I also spied this off in the corner. I think it’s hilarious. Poor mouse all served up on a dish.


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