Haircuts and Marker Sculpture

Day 2  A-Thing-A-Day

I’m not sure if it counts but this haircut took more art-fullness (and bribery – a stick of gum can get anything done) than the heart scarf. Besides, it looks French.  I cut mine too – although I’m not so sure I should post it.

Autumn made a snake out of her markers (with some onions skins left over from yesterday’s art project.) Making drawings with markers is so 20th Century – we’ve moved on to marker sculpture. Autumn will only use her brown marker to draw with anyway. She is constantly telling me how much she LOVES brown – you know, the color of chocolate!


2 Responses to “Haircuts and Marker Sculpture”

  1. Of course it counts and it’s cute.

  2. We once let Max hold a candle so that we could cut his hair! I think Autums cut is totally hip and cute-you did a great job!

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