My friend Bebet is a part of A-Thing-A-Day. I just found out about it and it’s too late to link up but I’m going to try it anyway and post here.

So, here’s what I made yesterday – Feb 1st. We’ve been sick around here lately and as Autumn and I were melting over the couch in a languid feverish state, trying to figure out how to find Reading Rainbow on PBS, we switched by Martha Stewart. She had lizards on her show and Autumn said; “Wait, I want to watch the show with the animals in the kitchen.” I figured one Martha Stewart show wasn’t going to turn her into a craft-o-holic or jail bait, so I paused and we watched Martha – go figure.

After the lizards were put away and the dumplings were eaten, Martha made a heart scarf out of felted wool. I had all the materials on hand, so we made one too. Autumn loved it but it felt too itchy for her, I think I’ll make her one out of fleece. The hearts will be a little more floppy but that’s okay.

Day 1 – Feb 1st – A-Thing-A-Day- Felted Wool Heart Scarf

And Autumn made red-onion art – she’s highly influenced by Andy Goldsworthy. Hey, we can do Martha Stewart and Andy Goldsworthy all in one day!


3 Responses to “A-Thing-A-Day”

  1. Sounds like lots of fun! And the red onion art is so delicate.

  2. I heart the felt heart scarf. It looks like you and Autumn are making more than one thing a day. I’m coming over for stitch-n-bitch day. Let’s make a date. Like old times.

  3. Come on over. I think we’re making our own dress forms with duct tape next weekend!

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