What’s Wrong With Just Plain “ASS”?

Everyday. And I do not exaggerate. Every single freakin’ day, someone, and often many someones search the Internet by typing in “Giant Ass” and “Wet Ass” and get my {Mama} Out Loud site.

I guess I kind of get “Giant Ass” and all the ways a big ol’ expanse of fanny can be thrilling. But “Wet Ass.” What are these people doing? Yikes, no one answer that. I think I might know.

And what in Bloody Hell did I write about? I imagine these folks are disappointed when they find me and the five zillion photos of my small-ass, dry-ass kid.

Good luck huge, soaking gluteus maximus folks. I hope you find what you’re looking for.


3 Responses to “What’s Wrong With Just Plain “ASS”?”

  1. Must be some “stupid ass”.

  2. That is really really gross. I don’t know why people are so fucking disturbing.

  3. um, that’s how i found you. i typed “red ass” and you pop up.

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