This Year Let’s Say NO To Stuff

The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

This year I pledge to try even harder to…

  • Not buy stuff if at all possible but if I do buy (we do need to eat around here) I will..
    • Buy used
    • Buy local
    • Buy hand made
    • Buy sustainable
    • Buy fair trade
    • Buy with packaging (or lack there of) in mind
    • Make almost everything myself with used materials and materials I already have
    • Try not to want to buy stuff and share this pledge with my daughter and her father even though we try to only buy at second hand stores anymore anyway
    • Use what we have, make due with what we have, know that what we already have is enough. This idea of bigger and better and moving on up, bigger houses, bigger, newer cars and buying what is IN, what is faddish – just wastes our resources and our time. There are so many other important ideas to have and places for our energy to go.
    • I’ve been on this track but I know I can do better – we can always do better. We love the old in our house, which is shown in the house itself, all of our hand-me-down furniture and used appliances. Now we must try even harder to reuse, fix, uncover, make, create and simply not want STUFF!!!

    Happy New Year!!!


    2 Responses to “This Year Let’s Say NO To Stuff”

    1. Those sound like good goals… especially making your daughter’s toys! You’ll have to post pictures of everything you make…. That could be a blog within itself, a year without “stuff”!

    2. Cute post, we are trying to do the same thing, not easy!!

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