I’ve Become My Worst Nightmare

After Autumn goes to sleep every night, I’ve been sitting on my ass, watching Project Runway (from Netflix) and sewing for my family. Now that everything has been given out, I can show a bit of what I made. I didn’t get photos of everything before I either sent out packages or before I gave them away. But here are a few…

Pillows for my sisters:

Slippers for my sisters and mom:

Don’s goblin “Wheezer” from the young adult book that just finished writing (I patterned him after the cover photo):

Autumn’s dalmatian and dalmatian fleece blanket (made by request):

Ornaments for Rob, Zanne and Izzy:

Shrinky Dink broaches for Autumn’s teachers, Sarah and other friends and family (I got Amy the coat/shawl too but unfortunately I didn’t make it (some amazing person is Scotland did):

Mug warmer/label/hot pad/what-have-you for Paul (my lovely assistant):

I also made a hot rod throw for dad and a plaid throw for mom.

Whew, it doesn’t look like much here but it took FOREVER!!!

…but was so very fun and I now know who Michael Kors is – HELP me before I get a subscription to Martha!


3 Responses to “I’ve Become My Worst Nightmare”

  1. Very nice Christmas Gifts. Note Rigby, the beautiful gold and white Sheltie shown with the mushroom slippers. Rigby has faithfully guarded our home for 11 years now and we love him so.

  2. comeonmyselector Says:

    we ❤ rigby

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