Santa Who?

I’m not the Santa parent or the baby Jesus parent for that matter and I don’t talk up the man in the red and white suit, um but apparently grandma does….

Saturday, after getting off the phone with grandma, Autumn came in to tell me “I want to go see Santa!”

After I got over the shock of it all, I thought, okay, here we go, something she wants to do, that I wouldn’t necessarily take her to do, mostly because I thought it would FREAK HER OUT – go get in the car girl!

And off we went, to stand in a short line at the closest Santa we could find located via our loving Internet.

When it was our turn, she trotted up to Santa, a little shyish, as I expected. He asked her what she wanted for Christmas, I’m assuming this was what she was waiting for and she said; “A gecko.” He said; “Do you know what that is?” She said; “It’s green.” We snapped a couple of flash blown, tie die pajama wearing pics and we were off.

It was painless, except for the part about my kid wanting to visiting a fake dude to ask for random gifts but hey, she asked, stepped out of her comfort zone and I went along for the ride – that is something truly amazing in itself.


2 Responses to “Santa Who?”

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  2. comeonmyselector Says:

    y’know, santa is a really big asshole in rankin & bass’ rudolph the red nosed reindeer. and rudolph’s dad is a chauvinist prick.

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