Making Things

To challenge the urge to splurge and because I’m the only one with a regular income around here and because I simply want to, I decided to make all my gifts this year. So I’ve plunked myself down, a difficult chore in itself and began to create and mostly sew.

On Saturday I had my friend, and one of Autumn’s teacher’s, Amy over to make things with me. She brought some of her mushrooms for our groovy pagan, goblin, fake, white tree. And we hung out, dashed out to thrift stores, the sewing shop, the coffee shop and then home again to make more things. I can’t really show anything I’m working on though because all of my family reads this and that would just spoil everything.

Oh, and the bamboo floors in the basement dried out nicely with only a few permanent boo boos.


4 Responses to “Making Things”

  1. oooh, looks like sew much fun. The tree looks lovely.

  2. Oh come on, give us a preview.
    I love those little hands.

  3. I looove love love those mushrooms. If you have any extra, I’d love to hang one in my car’s window! I really just like the stuff you make a lot.

  4. […] cooking I have to say the parent/teacher conference week combined with my goal of trying to make/sew every single Solstice, Hanukkah, and Christmas gift that I give this year, has made me sooooo […]

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