I won’t be changing my mind this time.

Our house came with crappy, used, beige carpet in the basement. I very much dislike carpet, so I began ripping it up and decided to paint the floor with high quality floor paint and call it done BUT it just wasn’t working for me, mostly because small sections kept peeling up. So, while Don and Autumn weren’t looking, I slipped off to Ikea and bought enough bamboo wood flooring to cover our entire basement. Whew, it took about a week but WE DID IT!

And it’s beautiful – just ask the animals that live at our house.

And we opened up the space under the stairs and now Autumn has a doghouse all her own.

Do house projects ever end? The bathroom is nearly done and the washer and drying are moving in from the cold very soon.


2 Responses to “I won’t be changing my mind this time.”

  1. comeonmyselector Says:

    awesome, i want to see it. i bet autumn loooooves that space. i would.

  2. I am coming around to the bamboo flooring idea. Seems to be a better alternative and it looks very nice. Just wondernig how well it holds up under heavy traffic.

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