A Very Special Chain

Last night while we were laying in bed, Autumn said to me; “I made a very special chain at school today. I used red. And there was pink and yellow and green and orange. All the colors.” Today when we got to school, I told one of her teacher’s, Amy, what she said and she showed me Autumn’s section. Amy said, “There are five red links that Autumn made and called 1. Rosa (our dog), 2. Autumn, 3. Sister (?), 4. Mama, 5. Dad. Autumn hadn’t told me this part. It makes the entire studio feel like the kids and their families are circling us, embracing us, watching over us – and made by the little hands of our loves.

Autumn’s five red links

The studio family chains

Now Autumn wants to make them at home. She’s picking out the colors and we’re going to make them for our house. Chain link updates to come.


3 Responses to “A Very Special Chain”

  1. must be time to adopt?

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