Making This Day Our Own

Somehow, someway, this holiday tied to the destruction of a people and the lies fed to Americans for hundreds of years, has become my favorite holiday. Not because of what it stands for in history but for what it has come to mean to our family.

Most of our friends live alone and don’t have family in the area, so they come to our house, we all cook together, play games, drink wine and celebrate each other. I like that there are no expectations like gifts or decorations or cards or crap to gather and pass around. It’s just about slowing down, gathering and connecting.

Cutting the Cauliflower by Heather

Tooties punch bowl – we miss you terribly

Drinking with Heather

Cooking with Lois

For the love of Grandma and Grandpa

The Gang (stop hiding Lois)

Reading with Grandpa

Our sleepy flier takes a rest

Playing Scrabble

Coffee Dreams by Heather

Thank you guys for traveling and cooking and being a part of our family.

We love you all.


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