Two Bags for Three Boys

Over a month ago, I made these two bags for three little boys. My friend and her partner just had twin boys, Aidan and Finn. Theirs is the large diaper bag, big enough to fit as much stuff as you may ever need, even for twins. An A is on one side and an F is on the other. They also have a six year-old son Max – thus the M bag. I couldn’t leave out the big brother.

I made these at school one night after everyone had gone home.

Oh, and they are made with pink stitching.


2 Responses to “Two Bags for Three Boys”

  1. comeonmyselector Says:

    if you made me something i’d love it 😀

  2. artstarlounge Says:

    oh my gosh. they are so wonderful. what a great gift. What lucky boys!

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