Real Dreams

Last night while Autumn’s Daddy was at his Transcendental Meditation seminar, Autumn and I watched the PBS NOVA documentary, Dogs and More Dogs that we got from the library. It is all about how dogs evolved from wolves and even though it wasn’t terribly exciting, it was about dogs, which is pure gold to Autumn who stated half way through; “Mama, I LOVE this movie.”

Her favorite part was watching the wolves run through the snow and after we were finished watching, we headed up to bed where she pulled back her dog quilt and played “wolf” on her white “snow blankie.”

Then today on the way to school Autumn said from the back seat; “I played in the snow last night and it was SOOOOO fun!” I said; “You mean on your bed.” And she said; “NO, I played in the snow.” I said; “Did you have a dream?” And she said; “NO! IT WAS REAL!”

Dreams so real, she thinks she played in the snow all night – a girl after my own dreams. Don’t make me mad in my dreams because I’ll hold it against you when I wake up.


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