Fence Building

Since Rosa, our absolutely wonderful in every way Australian Shepard, came to live with us, we have been forced to move our fence forward. It use to only fence in the back portion of the yard but Rosa was so desperate to lay beneath the front lace leaf maple tree and protect her family, that we (of the non-builder/home care type) had to put in a front fence or constantly find her on the front porch scratching our heads as to how she got out this time.

Um, hey, somebody, anybody, the four-year-old has the saw.

We put in too many hours, building, tearing down, rebuilding, tearing down and finally getting it as right as it’s going to get (our lawn slants, which makes fence building difficult.) We think it’s lovely though and both the dog and the kid are happy, happy to walk right out the front door without having to take an adult with them.

Then I planted some Mexican Petunia bushes along the inside of the fence.

Autumn grabbed up the back part of the fence that we tore down to build a bridge off of the back patio.

Rosa doesn’t even try to get out of the new fence, she’s now right where she wants to be.


4 Responses to “Fence Building”

  1. The fence looks great. Fences make good nieghboors or good dogs, or something like that.

  2. I love it… now you have your ahem…white picket fence?

  3. That’s me – white picket fence. Since Don wants it white and I don’t and I’m the only one who actually does any painting – it stays wood.

  4. comeonmyselector Says:

    Mom is funny. Sounds like a good time. And you guys found such a wonderful dog. Autumn looks big. Really big. 😐 When did this happen.

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