“Jinkies. Jeepers. Let’s Solve A Mystery!”

Autumn had this years Halloween events plotted out to the last detail. She was going to be Velma Dinkley. Her best friend Raeya was to be Daphne Blake. They helped each other get dressed and figure out their costumes. It was more a night of friendship than a night of trick-or-treating. It was beautiful to watch them – what love they have for each other. Thank goddess for best friends and imaginative play.

As soon as they came out of Autumn’s room all dressed up, Raeya said; “Jeepers.” Autumn said; “Jinkies.” And then; “Let’s solve a mystery.”

Here she is as a pirate last year, I guess I’ll never get the chance to dress her up like Abraham Lincoln – since she makes ALL the decisions now. Look at that face, she knows the score and who’s behind the monster mask in the haunted house up the street. Go Velma – you smarty pants you.


7 Responses to ““Jinkies. Jeepers. Let’s Solve A Mystery!””

  1. Zoinks, rats roovy Velma!

  2. comeonmyselector Says:

    autumn looks amazing in anything. and her friend is so pretty, too.

  3. Izzy didn’t believe that was Autumn, she kept saying “no Mama – it’s Velma, but I don’t know who her friend is. Where’s Freddy?” Love the glasses. Daphne’s wig is fantastic. too cute.

  4. Always the smart one! Just like her mom 🙂

  5. Absolutely precious! My daughter LOVES scooby doo and is always Velma! She’s constantly running around with a magnifying class saying; “Jinkies, I found a clue”!
    They look adorable!

  6. So cute! I particularly love that Autumn wanted to be the “smart” Scooby.

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