Saturday Afternoon Autumness

Saturday afternoon we took Autumn to see Mary Poppins with our wonderful Julie Andrews-obsessed friend Lois. I was happy to be going but I wasn’t feeling overly excited about seeing this movie. I’m not a Disney fan but it was playing at Film Forum and we wanted to walk around Capital Hill in the Autumness of it all.

We got our yummy small theater popcorn covered in yeast and curry and found our seats. While I sat there munching and waiting for Mary to arrive with my four-year-old daughter, memories of being seven overwhelmed me. I remembered my parents putting an old black and white television in the room I shared with my sister to watch this once-a-year event that was Mary Poppins. I remember laying on the bottom bunk with my sister Melissa in my faded pink silk nighty and feeling all a twitter when Mary came on the scene like she was my long lost aunt come home.

I sat there enthralled while I held my baby girl in my lap singing all the songs into her ear as if I had just heard them. When in all reality it must have been decades since I had seen the film.

Then we walked to the park and I teeter-tottered with autumn while the sun faded behind an old church steeple, behind a fire-red maple tree. It was almost as if we had taken a giant leap into a chalk painting and never looked back.


2 Responses to “Saturday Afternoon Autumness”

  1. comeonmyselector Says:

    i -do- love mary poppins–and if you like musicals, i’m assuming you love the sound of music as well. reading this post made me want to watch it so badly.

  2. I do have a special place in my heart for Mary Poppins but I mostly greatly dislike musicals and I can’t even be in the same room with the DVD of Sound of Music. Don’t tell Lois though.

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