Four Years Of Autumn

We’ve been going to Craven Farms since Autumn could walk. It’s our beautiful escape. It’s so hard to believe this was our fourth trip. Four years. Dude!





While I was looking at the photos for this post, I couldn’t help but think about the state of Autumn’s Dad and my relationship. This time of year seems to be a time for evaluation in our lives and our partnership. We have been together for ten years. In the last four years we have gone from just getting from day to day, struggling over being new parents, breaking apart and living separately for a short time and then finally coming back together in a stronger way than ever before. We’ve always become closer by fighting through the pain we’ve caused each other. It feels like we’ve come out at the end of something big. Something of a metamorphosis. I’m not sure we’d ever make it through having another child together but the magical child we have, even though her very being was part of the reason we couldn’t connect for a while, is the reason we are stronger than we have ever been. It finally feels like we have skin we can live in.
Thank you Autumn for taking us from year to year and making us braver, smarter, more grateful people.


Mama and Dada



3 Responses to “Four Years Of Autumn”

  1. awwwwwwwwww. you all are just so friggin’ cute.

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  3. I can’t wait to go this year with my lovely family…

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