Look what you can do in twenty minutes…

We’ve been sewing at school during open classroom every afternoon. Today, while everyone was working on other activities and busy, busy, busy – too busy for their teacher to need them, I whipped this out on the sewing machine. By the time I was done, about half of the class was watching, which I realized is an important part of learning to sew. They were so excited when I finished.

It is made out of bright pink burlap material. I cut out some petals and speedily sewed them on with bright pink thread. The stitching isn’t perfect but I kind of like it like that. I was working under a time constraint. I guess I should have ironed it, the fabric had been folded up for a long time on the shelf in the classroom. I can’t wait to carry my books to school tomorrow in my new bag.


5 Responses to “Look what you can do in twenty minutes…”

  1. It’s fabulous. You did a great job, I don’t think burlap is meant to be ironed, it would probably stink if you ironed it. Are you making more? Like for Christmas presents?

  2. How pretty! I want one.

  3. It would also make a cute diaper bag for anyone you may know who just had twins…

  4. riseoutcenter Says:

    one hell of a pink bag…I told you could sell them at your blog!

  5. […] guess I feel like I should be focusing on bettering my current craft. But I also have found that in making things with my hands, I learn something new, and it gives me a sense of completion that I don’t necessarily get […]

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