Mabon – The Autumnal Equinox

We celebrated by taking a moment to commune with nature at the Mercer Slough Wetlands just minutes from our house.

We ran and ran and ran.

Autumn and her Dad helped someone who had fallen in, while I took photos from the bridge – you know, I had the dog.

Autumn fed a lone duck pretzels.

Just after this serene photo, we took Rosa off of her leash and she took a flying jump into the water – we were so surprised I forgot to take a picture of her being pulled out by Don because she couldn’t get up the bank. We were laughing so hard.

This is the life.

Walking on water with a halo, no less.

Our beautiful September sky.

Berry picking.

Ah, Autumn.

This was the best day. I was so sick Friday and Saturday and we had such a hard day yesterday but today was, might I say, PERFECT!

Happy Autumn!


2 Responses to “Mabon – The Autumnal Equinox”

  1. What a nice family you all make; and Autumn is the best part!

  2. That was such a beautiful walk. We should do it again this autumn.

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