It’s Not Perfect But It’s Basement Perfect

My new work area is up and running. The floor is painted (although parts of it scratch if I drag anything really heavy across it but I fixed all the scratches – I’m hoping it’s just not quite set.) My new Ikea table is set up. And the sewing machine is accessible along with my fabric for making Zok and Tundro. I also had a place to fold laundry this morning other than the bed or couch, which are often covered in cats and their hair.

This use to all be Autumn’s play area but she never really played in it because she always plays at my feet and now we are going to split it. I’m working on her side next. And then the TV area – argh!


3 Responses to “It’s Not Perfect But It’s Basement Perfect”

  1. Looks great, it will be a nice work ~ play area.

  2. […] house came with crappy, used, beige carpet in the basement. I very much dislike carpet, so I began ripping it up and decided to paint the floor with high quality floor paint and call it done BUT it just wasn’t working for me, mostly because small sections kept […]

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