I’m Doing It Again

Spending all of my “sleeping” hours trying to transform our basement by removing the beige carpet and painting the concrete floor. Carpet makes my skin crawl but moving hundreds and hundreds of books around, dragging Don’s pathetically huge television set and bending over constantly painting floors is just a pain in my ass.

This is going to be the project area, mostly because Autumn keeps harassing me to make the rest of the Herculoids for her (starting specifically with Zok.) I haven’t really had a place for the sewing machine and I keep having to drag it in and out of the cupboard. So hopefully soon we’ll be cranking out stuffed peeps to play with. What was I thinking when I said; “Autumn, it’s so much better to make toys than to buy them.”

And no it’s no beige, it’s green, not the green I thought it was going to be but Oh Well. And no my bathroom isn’t done yet (although the floor is.) There are still walls with half peeled off wallpaper on them. Hmm. I should really do something about that but I have to work after Autumn goes to bed and the bathroom is right next to her bedroom. Someday.

And downstairs I can watch Weeds On Demand on that pathetic TV while I work.


2 Responses to “I’m Doing It Again”

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