Writing and Mothering

It is a difficult dual-gig to balance out. I either ignore one or the other. And I know if I start writing and she needs something, I’m going to get irritated and it’s not her fault I want/need to write. Two major writing projects for Chronicle Books have fallen in my lap – I’m terribly excited and getting a little sweaty thinking about how irritated I may become. I’ll just keep a pencil clenched in my teeth and whenever I have to get up mid-sentence I’ll bite down and not say a word all the while I fetch water and muffins and find the missing cat and wipe that cute little butt since I’m the one who told her she has to call me in if she poops – what was I thinking.

I only had to get up three times during this short, little post.

Clench, bite, clench, bite, clench, bite.


One Response to “Writing and Mothering”

  1. Yeah. Just, yeah.

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