Al Gore

Last night we went to see Al Gore speak.

He was:


a suit

right on

in cowboy boots

I have to say it was awfully nice to listen to a politician who could talk about Socrates and Plato but he is so far removed from the general public in his thinking that it’s no wonder a dufus like W has the white house in his grubby, little-monster hands. I just hope someone can get into office who can enforce policies to stop corporations from their polluting ways. And stop this fucking war!


One Response to “Al Gore”

  1. gasdocpol Says:

    Over the years Al Gore has used his considerable intelligence and work ethic to get things right.

    In the 1980s before most of us had even heard of the Internet, Gore had grasped its significance and was heavily involved in its legislation.

    In 1991 Gore was one of only 2 Democratic Senators to cross party lines in support of use of force againsy Iraq.

    in 2001 Gore applauded the invasion of Afganistan.

    Starting in Sept 2002 Gore vigorously opposed the Iraq invasion in numerous major speeches

    Gore probably got it right on global warming.

    Compare Gore to GW Bush who was a drifter with a drinking problem until he was 40 and then a serially failing businessman until he was propped up by the Neoconservatives as their front, first in the largely ceremonial governorship of Texas , and then as the tool of the Neoconservtive cabal that actually ran the White House.

    Gore was badly advised, ran a lame campaign and did not use the support of Clinton as he could have.

    GW Bush was marketed brilliantly, has some good instinct for running for public office and is good at jumping through the hoops necessary in campaigning.

    Until 2000 each political party, while not giving us the MOSTcompetent candidate, generally gave us someone who was reasonably qualified.
    The GOP had to have known how inexperienced, uninformed and uqualified by any number of criteria GW Bush was to be President. The GOP needs some tough love to get them to clean up their act. We will need them to keep the Democrats honest!

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