Standing in line at Trader Joes…

…a Canadian man was checking out two people ahead of me. When he left, the next person in line, an older woman, said; “I just love Canadians. They are so nice and laid back and I really like their politics.” The cashier, who was very young, whole heartily agreed and they began to talk about the differences between the U.S. and Canadian ways of being in the world at large. I just began nodding my head, me in my middle-years of life. Then I piped up with; “They should just invade us.” The cashier said; “I hadn’t thought of that.” We all in our different places in life, stopped and thought for a moment, that maybe we do need a little policing from the outside. It was kind of a sad moment – the realization of us three strong women, feeling voiceless and looking for something drastic to heal our nation.


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