Turtle the Cow Dog

Autumn and “Turtle.”

I’ve said over and over again, “NO DOGS! NO DOGS! NO DOGS! Another kid would be easier than a dog!” And then I met Rosie (although I’m not sure this is her name but the shelter said she came in with this name) and my mama heart said; “YES, YES, YES!” When we met her she would only huddle to the earth and the woman at the shelter kept calling her a turtle – she’s been so abused. She still spends a good deal of her day with her head hung low and has yet to make a peep but we’re layin’ on the love and the treats. She’s bound to come around soon. She seems to really like me, is terrified of Don and absolutely loves Autumn – always smothering her with kisses. It already feels like we have two kids (one just happens to be an Australian Shepherd.)

This morning when we left for school, Autumn walked up to her and said; “Bye bye Rosie Toes.” And when she got to school she told everyone she got a dog and her name was Turtle. We’ll see what we end up calling her once Don and her bond – he’s the one who always comes up with the perfect character names.


3 Responses to “Turtle the Cow Dog”

  1. Love your blog!! And love today’s post! As a auntie of my sister’s 2 dogs… this melted my heart!
    – Audrey

  2. What? What? What? WWPD? (What Would Prrrt Do?)

  3. […] 6, 2007 · Filed under Fence, House Since Rosa, our absolutely wonderful in every way Australian Shepard, came to live with us, we had to move our fence up. It use to just fence in the back portion of the […]

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