It’s a good thing I go crazy sometimes…

…or my bathroom would NEVER get a makeover!

I can’t stand the wallpaper…

Mad, midnight paint-peeling…

Low and be-holed – there was a hole behind the wallpaper that I had to patch (with some help from my handy dad who was visiting.)

And the linoleum is worse that the gold wallpaper…

The bit of white tile in the corner will replace the linoleum – (at some point – I’m sure I need more tools for this project.) I just had to see what was under the top layering of floor – um, of course, more crappy flooring.

Okay, the gold and white molding that doesn’t lay flush against any surface is the worst. It’s taking some heavy duty muscle since I don’t have leverage to remove this crap. The mirrored light is going to need to be given away as well.

I bought my reject $5.00 paint at Fred Meyer and as soon as I’ve chipped away all the wallpaper, I can splash it on. The tile came from a friends garden. Someone dumped it there and she didn’t want it. Yeah for free tile and crazy midnight bathroom renovations.

And does America just LOVE beige or what?


2 Responses to “It’s a good thing I go crazy sometimes…”

  1. […] 2007 · Filed under Bathroom Renovation I did it! After about six months of looking at the linoleum that I tried to tear up – what was I thinking! I finally went to Second Use, found some tile (I didn’t have enough of […]

  2. […] no beige, it’s green, not the green I thought it was going to be but Oh Well. And no my bathroom isn’t done yet (although the floor is.) There is still walls with half peeled off wallpaper […]

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