Reading With Autumn

Yes, we are still in book reading mode. It is now a ritual. We have to sit exactly the same way every night – in bed, in cuddling position but I get to pretty much read ANYTHING I want to her and she lays back against me and listens and comments and picks her favorite stories. If I could pick a heaven, this would be it.

So, we are reading a book I bought when I was three months pregnant. I actually gave it to Autumns’ dad just before we got married:

Harper Collins Treasury of Picture Book Classics; A Child’s First Collection, Edited by Maurice Sendak

Autumn’s favorites:

A Sister For Francis

and especially

Baby Says

She also likes:

Caps For Sale

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie


Harold and the Purple Crayon

Oh, and of course, Goodnight Moon (because as she says; “I’ve seen the play and the book.”

I know she’s read all of these traditional books at school but it’s our first time together and her favorites are stories that are new to both of us.


One Response to “Reading With Autumn”

  1. My daughter always loved If you Give A Moose a Muffin…it’s one of the classics. Even now that she’s in college, she still keeps it on her shelf.

    I found your site through this link…
    and while I’m embarrassed that this is how I stumbled upon you, I’m glad that I found your blog.

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