Reading the Winter Days Away

Poetry Speaks to Children (A non-flowery collection of poetry read by the poets themselves – book and cd – and I think I love it more than Autumn does!!!) – Actually the publisher of this book sent me a free copy so that I would reveiw it here, on my blog, and I said I would if I liked it. And I really do love it and I found this review and sample list on NPR and thought I would send you there for a personal listen. Enjoy!

And because Autumn LOVES, LOVES, LOVES kitty cats:

“Three Little Kittens” by Paul Galdone (This is her very favorite!)

“Whoosh Went the Wind” by Sally Derby

“Kitten Red Yellow Blue” by Peter Catalanotto

“Cats” by Gail Gibbons

In my book corner, I have been on a NYC adventure:

“Electroboy” by Andy Behrman (read in just a couple of days.)

“I Am Not Myself These Days” by Josh Kilmer-Purcell (I nearly read this on in one sitting laying.)

I’ve also returned to “Walden” and “Civil Disobedience” by Henry David Thoreau (It is very interesting how different you take in a book when you read it in a completely different time in your life. I first read “Walden” and “Civil Disobedience” in college (undergrad.) Then when I was in grad. school in NYC, I went to Walden Pond, hung out, swam, visited Henry at his grave along with Emerson, Emily Dickenson and the like. Now I need the call back to simplicity and nature in a much different way then when I was just fresh from the country and 18 years young. I also need the “Civil Disobedience” so that when I am arrested at the next war protest, I will remember to bring a pen and paper!)

And I just started “Eat. Pray. Love.” by Elizabeth Gilbert. I can’t believe I’m reading a book about someone’s spiritual search and I almost put it down when she started talking about God but she does it in such a non-western, non-traditional way, I’m going for it (but I will not be converted – been there, got sore knees and a life long steaming pile of guilt for it.)

Whew – look how much I can read now that Autumn is 3.5 – yeah for growing kids – although she can stop now, I really love this age of adventure, independence and individual exploration. As Autumn says, “Mama, we’re friends.” (But apparenlty Dada is her “best” friend.” Hmmm. Look how we’re settling – “three is a magic number.”)


2 Responses to “Reading the Winter Days Away”

  1. hi! so thrilled to see your mention of my book (electroboy) on your blog – – hope you enjoyed it.

    all best,

    andy behrman

  2. I just loved it – if everyone could write with such honesty. I’m in memoir land right now since I write a memoir type column at And I’m missing NYC a bit these days.

    So great to hear from you.


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