Protesting the Iraq war again…

The first time I attended an Iraq war protest was before the war started. I was in NYC and I was five months pregnant.

The next time I went to make my voice heard, Autumn was six months old and I took her with me in her sling.

Today, my third time to protest this never-ending war, almost exactly four years later, I went alone. Autumn had a fever this morning and I wanted to attend the speech by Lt. Ehrin Watada who is being brought before a court martial for refusing to go to Iraq because he believes this is an illegal war. I actually felt guilty not taking my daughter. Even though she is only three and a half, I want her to see this process of protest first hand and as often as possible. I want her to see me fight (peacefully) for my beliefs. And I want her to be able to form her own.

I spent the entire day walking the central district of Seattle with a couple of friends, helping to shut down the military recruiting centers (at least for the day) and listening to others talk about the dire mire we are stuck in.

Our schools are being shut down but we can fund this war. We have no health care but we can fund this war. Thousands and thousands of people are living in poverty yet we can somehow fund this war. Our entire global system is on the brink of devastation but of course we can fund this war.

Will this killing machine of money grubbing, corporate scheming, pride pumping ever cease? I don’t know but we’ll keep marching…


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