Play Date – What’s That?

Can you believe I made it until 3 and a half before sucuming to the play date torture?

Okay, so those of you who know me, know that I’m not the go-to-mama for childcare or a play date or even a stroller ride around the park – HELL, I’m with kids 24/7 in the classroom and home is my sanctuary with my one-and-only Ms. A. BUT that little one-and-only is getting old on me and begged to have her friend from school, Reaya over and of course whatever she asks for, she shall receive. Thus, Sunday, the day after my early morning Haitian adventure, I hung with a mom for nearly, count ’em, five hours while our tow heads ran-sacked the house. And it wasn’t so bad, we chatted, drank coffee and sat in front of the fire.

So, cheers and beers for me, who can rock it R&B style until 2:00 am and then entertain on a Sunday afternoon in my pj’s. So, don’t call and make fun of me, I’m trying, you know “for the kids.”

But HOLY CRAP, my neck glands are HUGE!!!


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