A Little Haitian Evening Never Hurt Anyone

Saturday night after the kindergarten fair (actually much later) I went out with the girls. I trekked on over to South Park, did a little of hmm. this and a little of hmm. that, then went out to Waids (apparently the only Haitian Club on the West Coast?) on Capital Hill (don’t ask me where, I didn’t drive and was two sheets by then.) We walked in, ordered our hot toddies and the most awe inspiring woman walked to the mike and proceeded to blast the room with air stealing poetry. It was a rant, and a judgement and an attack on all things wrong with our world. I was in LOVE!

We hung out with a man from Gambia and sauntered home via our designated driver. Sunday, I didn’t awake with a hangover but with the feeling of refreshment and newness and the courage to move through another Sunday because really I have it so easy. (But I realized I lost my Gandhi quote pendent – I hope someone has found it and is trying to “Be the change they wish to see in the world.”) Although my right neck gland is super swollen and I can’t even see my collarbone – what was in those hot toddies?


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