Holy Crap – I’m Married To Someone Who’s 40!!!

The Dada of the house turned 40 on December 13! We had a martini party and our fave couple, now trio, from the East Coast flew in to surprise him – and boy was he surprised. When he walked into the house and they ran out from the kitchen and tackled him, he said; “I just talked to you in Massachusetts!” They had just called from their cell phone to wish him a happy 40th! The party was a hoot and the end of the night found our birthday boy on the floor in front of the fireplace wresting all the kids at once – the best way to turn 40!!!

Then…our friends five day trip to Seattle landed them in the middle of one of the worst storms to ever hit the Pacific North West and during their stay we only had power for 24 hours – so we walked, talked and played with the kids…

…the rest we spent in the dark!


One Response to “Holy Crap – I’m Married To Someone Who’s 40!!!”

  1. There was cake? The kids must have eaten it all. We sure did have fun. Everyday, Izzy calls Autumn on her phone and tells her something about kitty…and other things we haven’t quite figured out. She also now must jump on the bed and the couch at every opportunity and she picks her nose and says “yummy”. (Snot sure who she learned that one from either Autumn or….). Hope we can meet up again soon…

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