Listen Up

I took Autumn with me to vote tonight and it reminded me of all the times I went with my grandpa to vote and how much he taught me about our country – a country I am trying to still have faith in. Autumn, at three, doesn’t quite have the grasp of what voting means but this time when I took her, she kept saying; “mama’s voting, mama’s voting!”

The first time I went with my grandpa to vote, it was a presidential race and he voted for Carter (if only.) I was proud to take Autumn and carry on this tradition. She even got to see what the inside of a church looks like; “look at all the chairs mama!” And we now have our first woman speaker of the house!

It just amazes me how far behind America is in comparison to other wealthy countries. And how much we have to fight to have our voices heard through all the hoopla of rhetoric and lies. But, no matter what, I’ll keep voting and taking my daughter with me, so that one day she may want to raise her voice (and not just at bed time) and shout that we’re here and we’ll fight (peacefully) for what we believe in.


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