Four Score and…I Scored Eight Bags of M&M’s

So, Autumn was a pirate for Halloween but she (he to everyone else apparently – can’t girls be pirates too???) really just looked like George Washington, which does make sense (I have a bit of a history bug.) I just told her; “At least I didn’t dress you up like Abraham Lincoln.”

She was speechless at the fact that you could just walk up to someone’s house and get M&M’s. I’m just going to have to convince her NOT to knock on our neighbors door in the morning before school just because she is in need of a few skittles.

Thanks Britt & Lois for being part of Autumn’s entourage (everyone thought it was funny to have so many adults and one kid.)



2 Responses to “Four Score and…I Scored Eight Bags of M&M’s”

  1. so cute! love her costume!

  2. […] Here she is as a pirate last year, I guess I’ll never get the chance to dress her up like Abraham Lincoln – she makes ALL the decisions now. […]

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