Moon Child

I was informed by my three-year-old today that she lives on a planet and that it’s called earth (erf) and that mama and dada live on erf too.

She also informed me while I was driving that the moon follows her everywhere – even to the store and that when she can’t see the moon, that it has died.

I distinctly remember the moon following me as well. I asked my students today if the moon follows them and they told me, in no uncertain terms, that the sun follows them too.

When I was a kid this was so mysterious but also felt so intimate. Like we were connected is some unknowing way.

I love the way the natural world works and wraps itself around us all as if to say we’re all here for a reason, to make a difference and to keep our eyes on the skies – if only to see our reflection.


One Response to “Moon Child”

  1. That’s beautiful — I love the image created by the perception of the moon following us.

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