Trick or Treat or I Want Some Candy (Whatever Works)

Who knew you were suppose to practice trick or treating? This morning as we were getting ready for school, I passed Autumn’s room on my way to the bathroom and it was shut. Ms. Afraid of shadows never has her door shut. Then I hear “knock, knock” and then; “Mama, say ding dong.” I said; “ding dong” and the door opened to Autumn in her pj’s, a pumpkin mask and a bag with a pumpkin on it. She said; “I want some candy.” So, I went with the flow and said, “trick or treat” and then put some candy air in her bag. It was the cutest thing ever and come to find out – her and Dada practiced all weekend. The timing and who does what is a little off – I guess we’ll have to keep practicing.


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