“I did it! I did it! I pooped in the toilet!”

So, she’s officially out of diapers. It’s been four days no diapers, pee and poop (amazingly enough) in the toilet and today was her first day at school with no pull-up. I keep hearing; “I did it – I did it” coming from the bathroom – who knew pooping in the toilet was so exciting. We never really did any sort of “potty training” and how awful does that phrase sound. She has underwear in her drawer and diapers and I listened to her and encouraged her to use her stool to try and reach the toilet when she was interested. She recently stopped peeing in her diaper at night and then progressed to peeing in the toilet and we’ve finally achieved toilet poop-ability. It just had to be all in her own time just like everything else.

It’s so strange seeing her little behind all cute and not saggy in her pants – it is really hard not to pinch it all the time – I guess we should stop though since she pinched her teacher’s behind today – oops. I can’t really believe it. It seems like just another step away from babyhood. She’s talking like an adult; “Well, actually, it’s blue mama!” and the such, she can buckle her own car seat latch and she deposits all her bodily waste into the toilet – what’s next? – College and her own car!!! It’s nice for us all that she has more autonomy and independence but I do miss my little baby too. No wonder my hormones have been raging.


One Response to ““I did it! I did it! I pooped in the toilet!””

  1. double whooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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