Vasectomy Reversals & Autumn Leaves

Can it be we’re finally finding each other again after three years with baby? Does it take autumn leaves, a long walk and Autumn (the child) at auntie Missa’s for us to say; “Hey, I know you?” Autumn is when we fell in love, Autumn is when we conceived our lil’ pumpkin and here we are in our ninth autumn together and I feel like we’re finally getting somewhere that isn’t nowhere. Maybe it’s because on Friday he said; “Okay, I’ll get my vasectomy reversed.” (For the history on this issue – read my column at www.mamazine.comThe Mama Politic. And he really meant it, felt like he made a mistake (no kidding) and has thought about having another child (sometimes.) Who knows what will be, or if this is what we will even do. But just the fact that he decided to do this, and it just wasn’t for me, totally changed my point of view of our entire relationship. I even spontaneously told him I loved him while we walked and talked through the beautiful red leaf canopy of capital hill. The maple leaves, the stunning blue sky and having time for just us is just what we needed – we needed a reminder. It is so hard to remember that we need time to ourselves – we’re never away from Autumn which in my book is amazing and wonderful but I have to realize we need moments that aren’t interrupted every two minutes with “Momma – snuggle!” or Dadda – play animals!” Hopefully, here’s to another new beginning.


2 Responses to “Vasectomy Reversals & Autumn Leaves”

  1. whooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  2. How I long to talk that long walk again where there is “fire everywhere.” Autumn is always such a season of renewal for us, which is strange because the leaves are turning yellow, committing suicide.

    Autumn, as the name of our daughter, seems so much more appropriate now, that renewal that we must have felt on July 18, 2008.

    But just to walk, kick leaves, talk, in the “fire.”

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