This post sounds like I grew up or something – IT CAN’T BE!!!

It’s it strange how something can happen and you just think, “well, it’s over now – there’s no way to go back. What do I do. How do I go forward from here.” Whether it’s a fight with your partner and you think you’ll never be able to look him in the eyes again or you yelled at your child and you see ten years into the future and she HATES you more than you hate your partner.

Sometimes I just crash and wonder where do I go from here? I use to mope, sleep, take some little white capsule or indulge in the perfect forget-I’ve-been-a-horrible-mama/partner/he sucks ass drug – red wine. Now I just trudge on, breathe (my new drug – oxygen) and keep going – left, right, left, right (I’m too leftie to put my right foot first.) Good, bad or average I’m in it forever (well at least for the one I so dramatically shoved into this world.)


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