Shut up! Stupid!

So what is up with this friggin’ “SHUT UP” business. My lovely, sweet-headed daughter has started saying at every chance, “shut up, mama” or even better, “shut up, dada!” Ooops. We tried the just ignore it but my little; redheaded ears could barely make it out of the room before my thermostat melted.

I tried explaining that it just doesn’t feel good to me to be told to “shut up” and could she come up with an alternative way to tell me she doesn’t like something I’m doing but alas – NO! SHUT UP is bouncing off the walls all around us. We finally tried, that’s enough Autumn and we just walk away which leaves her in convulsions on the floor.

Anger begets anger. Ignoring begets further insult. Punishment is just plain stupid (which has become her second favorite thing to say to us!)

We totally suck at this!!! Damnit, damnit, damnit, shit, shit, shit, shut up, shut up, shut up, stupid, stupid, stupid!!!


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