‘Cause We’re Freaks That Way

Last night my sister (aunt Missa) and I took Autumn to Ani Difranco at Marymoor Park. All eyes were on Autumn as much as they were on Ani, as she put all her break dance moves out on the grass for everyone to see. When our favorite tunes came on, she stopped, swayed and sang along and then proceeded to yell, sing it again, sing it again (we always have to repeat our favorite songs when listening at home until we cannot possibly listen to them any longer.)

Ani has joined “mama-land” as she kept patting her newly formed belly full of baby. And she let my little feminist in on some key words. Before she read her newest poem “Reprieve,” she read the definitions for feminism, patriarcy and reprieve. Autumn hung on her every word as she hung around her auntie’s neck.

The back of Autumn’s Ani concert t-shirt said “squirmer, babbler, burper, freak.” Everyone kept saying, “That’s awesome.” I hope she can find her way, mesmerized by feminist poetry, dancing on her head and being as much of a freak as she wants to be.

And as Autumn kept chanting all the way home, “Bye, bye, Ani, see ya later.”


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