…and we’re singing along.

When it comes to music, I don’t play “kid” music for Autumn. No Barney. No Elmo. No Raffi. She is going to have to love or at least suffer through what I like. It seems to be turning out fine. She loves punk rock, riot girl music, classical, jazz, blues and my favorite, folk.


I’m taking Autumn to see Ani Difranco on Friday. She is my favorite contemporary musician. I’ve seen her about fifteen times but the last time Autumn heard her, she was in my uterus about four months along. This time Ani’s the one with the righteous babe in her tum.


We have been listening to her new album, “Reprieve.”


Our current “on repeat” tune…


“You are an unruly translucent

Dirty windshield with a shifting view

So many kind running landscapes

For my dented door to open into


I just want to tune out all of the bill boards

Weld myself a mental shield

I just want to put down all the pressures

And feel how I really feel”

~Ani D.




One Response to “…and we’re singing along.”

  1. […] Last night my sister (aunt Missa) and I took Autumn to Ani Difranco at Marymoor Park.  All eyes were on Autumn as much as they were on Ani, as she put all her break dance moves out on the grass for everyone to see.  When our favorite tunes came on, she stopped, swayed and sang along and then proceeded to yell, sing it again, sing it again (we always have to repeat our favorite songs when listening at home. […]

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